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LinkedIn’s “Export Your LinkedIn Connections” feature is Back!

LinkedIn has decided to turn back on the popular feature.  I guess that’s what happens when enough people complain. The LinkedIn Security | Blog Archiveposted this by Michael Korcuska, Vice President, Product Management for LinkedIn. Earlier this week, we turned off our CSV connections download tool and asked our members to use another data export process as part […]


72 Hour Wait to Export Your LinkedIn Connections

Today twitter was a tweeting about LinkedIn’s missing  “Export Your Contacts” function. LinkedIn quietly removed it from your settings page. Thanks to for running the post.EMIL PROTALINSKI from VB writes: “LinkedIn has removed the option to export your contacts. Instead, the company is asking users to request an archive of their data, but that process […]


The Lost Art of the Handwritten Thank You Note

Think back. When was the last time you received a genuine, handwritten, personalized ‘Thank you’ note? No, not in an email or, God forbid, a text message. I mean a tangible, three-dimensional note that arrived unexpectedly amid the stack of ads, flyers, and bills; a no-strings-attached gift among the multitudes of ‘I wants’. The Receiver  Take […]


Do YOU have more than 1 Profile on LinkedIn?

As technology constantly changes, it is so easy to forget the “social” part of social media.  What people tend to forget is that there is an actual PERSON on the other end of your communication. Especially when you start using LinkedIn to grow your businesses, it is important to portray your most authentic self. Not […]