LinkedIn Lion King or Queen or Are You a Kitten Cub?

Lion KingAre you a LinkedIn Lion King or Queen or are you a Kitten Cub in your groups?

Do the 277 Million people on LinkedIn make you feel like a LinkedIn lion king or queen or are you a kitten cub? Do you feel like you are lost in the African jungle without your mom?  If you answered yes to the kitten cub you are not alone in the LinkedIn jungle. Sometimes LinkedIn can make you feel locked in captivity and there is no way out. You post and you post, you send invites and still are not getting to where you need to be to profit or find that new job. The good news is there is a way out.  All kitten cubs do grow up to be great lions and lioness and so can you. One must just have a plan, do you?

Did you know there are over 2.1 million LinkedIn groups, with 8,000 of them being created weekly?  Well that’s one of the statics another is 1,891,752, that means a cub has grown up and is branching out to create his or her own territory.  As a member of LinkedIn you are allowed to join 50 groups and become the Lion King or Queen of those groups.  If you’re thinking right now I am in groups and it still is not working let me give you some advice. Whatever your niche may be you must figure out who you customers are. Don’t just assume everyone is your customer, narrow it down a bit. Just because you joined a group does not mean you have to stay in it. Change is good when growing into a lion. Take a close look at the groups you’re in now and really evaluate them. If you notice that people are always posting and no one is commenting on the posts this might not be the group for you.  Here are some tips on knowing if the group is active and right for you and some tips of what you should do after joining a group.

1.)    After you joined a group did you say hello and thank the admin for approving you?

2.)    Did you post in the group that you are new and looking forward to having some great conversations and tell them what you do without selling?

3.)    Do you post your latest blogs, podcasts, tips and tricks for free?

4.)    Do you give value to the group with insights relative to that specific group?

5.)    Did you conduct market research using LinkedIn polls?  Did you share the results?

6.)    Do you comment on recent posts?

7.)    Do you use the “Like” button when you see a helpful update from one of your connections?  Doing this shares that update with your entire network.

8.)    Do you congratulate your group member or you connection if they have a new job or great new picture?

9.)    Did you send personalized messages to targeted people in your groups saying hello and ask if there is any way to work together in the future?

10.)  Have you talked about an event you are going to attend or have attended to encourage the group to get involved and ask questions?

11.) Have you thought about creating your own group? Maybe it’s time.

If you did most of these tips LinkedIn should be working for you. If you want to become the King or Queen in LinkedIn you have to put the time and effort in. You must show that you are in it to win it! Remember one thing if you don’t ask you don’t get. Ask people in your groups how they are successful using LinkedIn, what have they done to leverage it for profitability or to find that new job.




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