About the Owner

Hi, I’m Loribeth Pierson. I am blessed to live in Sunny San Diego, California and very fortunate to have had the time and dedication to learn to “Speak LinkedIn”. Over the years, I have had the privilege to teach over 1000 people in 76 countries, how to use LinkedIn to generate leads, sell services and land jobs. I Rank in… the Top 1% of most viewed LinkedIn Profiles… and for a good reason.

LinkedIn is forever changing; I continuously monitor and study those changes to show my clients how to extract, manipulate and produce maximum profitability and lead generation. Years ago LinkedIn’s primary use was to display a resume in hopes of landing a job. Times have changed!

A friend mentioned that I try LinkedIn thus began my obsession with LinkedIn. If it could help me find a realtor in another state, what else could it be used for? In my case, to launch a new business. When my brother and I launched our business, I watched many LinkedIn training videos and thought, “Wow, LinkedIn could really help me to reach my goal”, (and it did).

Fast forward to now. Armed with years of trial and error, volumes of LinkedIn Tips, shortcuts and methods that raise my clients above their competition, I now teach people how to become successful with utilizing LinkedIn in the right way. It really isn’t just for your resume. It’s so much more!

Let’s talk today and improve your bottom line now. Call me… 760-717-7873