3 LinkedIn Tips to Help You Create More Lead Generation.

LinkedIn provides one of the best platforms for connecting with key professionals and businesses that provides you the opportunity to drive traffic to your website. If your leads have dried up and are looking for ways to increase those numbers, here are a 3 ways to attract high-quality leads and gain more sales.












1.) Look at Who’s Viewed Your Profile:

LinkedIn shows the number of people viewing your profile. Each and every person viewing or visiting your profile is counted among the potential leads for your business.  You can check this by clicking the option “Who’s Viewed Your Profile,” under “Profile” menu.  Your potential leads are just a message away.  When you see someone that might match your lead criteria, use this message template below to reach out to them.  

Someone’s Viewed Your Profile Message Template:

Subject: Thank you for taking a peek [Insert name] at my profile.

Message Body:

I noticed you viewed my profile and I am reaching out to discover if there is any way I can help you? As you would have seen I am a LinkedIn Trainer/Consultant and so if you need any advice or just want to connect then let me know! My email to connect on LinkedIn is [Insert Email Address]

 Have a wonderful day!

 To your success,

 [Insert Your First Name]


If you have a free account and only see 5 people who have viewed your profile, don’t worry here is a tip to see more without paying the premium price. Log out and back in again, this will show you 5 more people every time. Pretty cool right!

 2.) Be Visible:

For getting viewed by your prospective leads, you can upload your updates and write blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse. It’s free, won’t cost you a cent. Just time to write a post that will benefit others and get you noticed. Post relevant and authentic content to bring value to your prospective leads and target them properly. Every time you post or update anything it appears in the newsfeed of your connections which helps in bringing desired leads for your business and back to your website. This will help increase your credibility and establish leadership in your industry.

Make it count; are you leaving a call to action to make them want to contact you? Make sure you have a website, and phone number visible. Surprising how many people omit their phone number. If you are in business and want more business, make it easy for someone to contact you.

 3.) Be Consistant.

Know the top 4-6 strengths for which you want to be recognized by and use them in your profile consistantly. If your top skill is project management, describe your project management proficiency in your summary as well as in multiple experience descriptions. Think keywords, this will help the right audience find you.



If used properly, LinkedIn can be an awesome source of generating quality leads for your business and convert your potential leads into paying customers.

LinkedIn recommendations also help in generating leads. The more recommendations you have will increase the chances of having new leads for your business. People like to see that you are doing a good job.

Don’t get left behind, make your time on LinkedIn count. Break it up and visit for 25 minutes in the morning and follow up at night for 20-25 minutes. Download the new LinkedIn mobile apps and make it even easier.

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